Lets say you are the floor person of a small poker room.  You are charged with keeping the tournament running smoothly and enforcing the rules.  Your poker room has the following rule: Players exposing their cards when there is more than 2 people in the hand and action pending will have their hand killed.

While I do not agree with any rule that forces and live hand to ever be killed in a tournament setting, we will save that for my next blog.  For this one, we had the following situation come up while I am in seat 1 during a tournament last night:

  • Blinds are 500/1000.
  • Button is on seat 7.
  • Under-the-gun (UTG) and UTG+1 limp.
  • High Jack (HJ) goes all in for 3000.
  • Cutoff (CO) calls as does the Small Blind (SB), Big blind (BB), UTG and UTG+1.
  • Everyone checks down to until the river.
  • On the river, the SB bets out 1000.
  • The BB thinks for over a minute before folding.
  • I insta-muck (UTG) and the dealer sweeps in my cards.
  • I am watching UTG+1 waiting for him to decide not watching the action but I will continue with what the dealer explained to the floor:
  • The dealer then points to the CO indicating action was on him and the CO folds.
  • The dealer then pushes the 1000 chip back to the SB and the dealer turns his hand (actual dealer’s hand with fingers) palm up on the table without saying a word.
  • SB exposes his hand TT.

At this point, UTG looks up and sees what happened and says wait, as he was still in the hand.  The floor is called over to make the ruling.

How do you rule it?  Please leave a comment below indicating what your ruling is and why.  I will post what was ruled tomorrow.  I really appreciate everyone’s feedback.