Recently I started playing online poker in an effort to evaluate my play and work on my game.  The plan was to put $100 on Carbon Poker and play some micro games.  So I contacting Carbon about how to put money on the site (I was already verified) and was informed that I the easiest was to get a Visa Gift Card that could be used internationally.  After checking a couple of CVS type stores, I was unsuccessful in finding one.  I have since found out that you can buy those NetSpend cards and use them but haven’t done it yet to confirm.

I downloaded a trial version of Hold’em Manager 2 and started playing a few freerolls with little success at first.  There are lot of people who just shove all-in with any two cards not caring much.  But I was determined to just work on my game and make good decisions.  Finally, I take 7ish in 1 for $3 and lose that in half a day.  Then I take 2nd for $9 and announce on the 2+2 Forums Detroit thread that I would run this $9 up to $1,000,000 before losing it in 2 days.  Finally, last Tuesday I finished 26 for a whopping $0.35!  So I made the following post:

26/1265ish in another freeroll. Going to run this $.35 up to $100,000. (trying to be a realist now)

I started playing $0.11 Super Turbos and ran really well.  At the end of the day, I was up over $3. Day 2 I was around $7 and now 5 days later I’m over $100 playing $2 Super Turbos, some Multi-table Tournaments (MTT) and 2NL/10NL cash games. The true quest has now begun. Since I ran my mouth, I need to try to back it up. So here is the real start of the “Quest for $100k!”. Martin Staszko, 2011 WSOP Main Event Final Tablist claimed to never deposited money into an online banking account and started with Freerolls so its allegedly possible.

I will need to buy the full version of Hold’em Manager 2.  Having the HUD showing you stats of other players is essential.  I still have a lot to learn about all the stats that go with it.  There are probably 100+ stats and you only have a certain amount of room on your screen.  I have started with the Default HM2 stats and added a few related to 3 betting and folding to c-bets.  I have some studying to do this week and I will concentrate on Hold’em Manager as my course of study.

With all the online play, I should have a great source for some “Hands of the Day” that I will post of regularly.  My first one will be posted tomorrow.  My wonderful wife was given tickets to tonight’s Tiger’s Game and we are going to brave the cold and wet to watch it.  I hope they get the game off!