What does a ‘Table Image’ do for you?  Well for me, its gets people to call my 5 bet pre-flop shove of 150BBs with AA during the second level of a tournament with 99 or flopping the nut flush and getting called by top pair, top kick when I 4 bet shove $250 during a cash game.  For others, it’s getting people to fold almost anytime they bet they make.

How do you get an images?
For the person that gets people to fold to any bet it is as easy as only betting when you have the nutz.  This person usually only pays attention to their own hand and what they have.  They rarely ever concern themselves with what they think you have in your hand.  These people are easy to play against because if they bet, you just fold if you don’t have a powerful hand.  They play back at you, get out of the their way.

For my image it’s about being unpredictable.  I will raise with just about anything if the circumstances are right.  I can raise the flop with top pair, sets, draws or total air.  My favorite back at Card Sharks in Waterford seemed to be 62.  There are 3 people there that still give me shit about how I stacked them with that hand even a year after the fact.  One of my best poker friends was telling one of his employees about it just last week.

Now that I play mostly at Snookers in Utica which is WAY bigger than Card Sharks ever was, I sometimes have to create my image while I’m at the table.  I have no issues with turning over my cards or saying I have 7 high when I get called on a river bluff.  You shouldn’t be embarrassed when you get caught.  If you do not getting caught bluffing from time to time, you aren’t bluffing enough.

Now that you have an image, what do you do with it?
If people think you are tight, you can loosen up your game and start picking up blinds and antes pretty easily.  Most people that have been paying attention will respect your raises and think you have a big hand.

Now for those of us with loose images, you can continue to play loose but you better be good at your reads and post flop play.  Otherwise, if you tighten up a bit, you could easily get paid off on a big hand since everyone thinks you play such a wide range of hands.

I’m pretty recognizable when at the table.  I’m 6’1″, 230 lbs, long haired, huge bearded, leather wearing biker dude sitting at the table so people tend to remember me.  FEAR THE BEARD!!!

Playing opposite of your image can reap rewards.  But you also need to realize when you have 2 different images at the table.  You can have history with 2 people that says you are LAG and the other 7 think you are a TAG,  The trick is figuring out who has which image of you and use it to your advantage.