Northville Downs 1/3 PLO 4pm on Sundays!

At 4 pm on Sunday’s, Northville Downs will have a 1/3 PLO game with a $300 max buy-in.  I will be there this week (probably around 5 pm  so come get you some Caveman Cash and free burgers!  This Sunday, February 17th, 2013 Proceeds benefit the General Fund of Wayne Chamber of Commerce License# M79352.

The Plan

Let me start with, “I DON’T PLAN!”  Want to hear God laugh?  Tell him your plans.  As an alcoholic and addict most of my life, I finally decided enough was enough after running my second marriage into the ground and I got clean and sober.  Close to 6 years now and loving life.  With that said, I found that ‘planning’ just doesn’t work for me.

So instead of plans, I’m going to make a few simple goals for this year.  (Yes, I’m a little late getting to them)

Goal #1:  Take it easy

Don’t go crazy trying to make a living playing poker.  I am married to The Poker Spouse who writes an blog about living with someone trying to become a poker pro.  My wonderful wife has a great job and is able to support the family with many hours of OT (love you babe) and just one paycheck.  I don’t NEED to make $2000 per month playing the game I love to survive.  It would be nice but it’s not required.

Goal #2: Bankroll Management (BRM)

Really this should be number 1 on anyone’s list, but with going broke because I wasn’t thinking about Goal #1 I am trying to switch things up.  I am not starting this year with a big bankroll.  It will take a lot of discipline and I’m going to stick to this.  You hear a lot about 2%/5% for BRM from reading forums and watching videos online.  Basically, you shouldn’t spend more than 2% of your bankroll on a tournament entry or 5% for a cash game buy-in.  While the 5% rule is hard to do when the lowest stakes in town are 1/2, I plan to strictly stick to the 2% tournament rule.  (So no out of state tourney’s until I grind up a decent BR)

Goal #3: Game Selection

Select games that are most profitable.  Easy to say, hard to do.  If I run down to the casino to play for the day, I should keep an eye out for those games that I think will be profitable in one way or another.  If the table I’m on isn’t going as planned, find another table with some people you know you can beat.  I have to stop thinking that I can beat any game I sit at.  (yes, I think that sometimes and I should know better)

Goal #4: Study, Study, Study

I need to keep moving forward.  In order to do that, I must continue to work on the game.  This may include reading more books, forum surfing and possibly joining a training site.  I hope to dedicate at least a few hours each week studying.

Goal #5: Move up in stakes

I have no time frame on this one.  When the time is right, I will move up.  If I work hard at the first 4 goals, this one should happen on it’s own.

Now to begin!

Now that I have my goals written out, I have something to shoot for.  It’s out on the web for all to see.  When I post something stupid about what I plan to do, I hope you all call me out and say, “How does that help you reach your goals you idiot?!?!?”  I know my wife will!