For those of you that do not read the 2+2 Regional Communities Detroit Thread, I have decided that I was going to take some Hand Histories and analysis from another player within the thread.  I am going to examine them, identify the leaks in the play and flaws in the theory, and suggest a different strategy.

For an amateur or casual player looking to take things more seriously, hearing that you are playing hands poorly is very hard.  It is easy to close your mind off, discredit the person that is giving you advice, and keep on doing what you are doing.  This, clearly, is a mistake; one that I have made several times over the years.

So, Nitro, I encourage you to keep an open mind.  If you feel the need, come back to this and read bits at a time.  As always, I am available here on MichiganPokerNews, 2+2, or Skype.

All Nitro posts are in Italics.  All relevant posts from other 2+2 member are bolded, and notations are given.  If they aren’t, please let me know.

 Hey guys. Been enjoying the podcasts and reading all the posts. I play regularly at Momo’s and Vision. I hit QOH maybe every two weeks on Tuesday or Wednesday. I usually will be at Momo’s on Friday night with my girl and then on Sunday’s for the triple barrel which she plays sometimes. I’m sure I have seen you guys playing and you have seen me. Anyways, thinking about heading to Firekeepers to try and play in one of the $60 or $90 sat’s. How do those play? Aggressive? Passive? Just want to get an idea of what I will be looking at.

To be honest, this is actually a great first post.  Identifying where you play can tell someone a lot about the competition that you play against.  For people at Momo’s, Vision, or QOH (Queen of Hearts), bets are usually larger (in reference to BB).  The games usually play larger-and therefore shorter, with more players in the hand preflop.  Asking about going to Firekeepers for MSPT satellites is also a positive thing.  For the record, if you really want to know, PM Caveman921 on 2+2, or message him here (he’s the proprietor).  He recently played in one of them and would be able to give you firsthand knowledge on this.  I’ll let him disclose his results.

Do you guys notice you have to kinda get out of the charity room play mindset when you switch it up and head to a casino? I realize it right away when I’m playing in a tournament at Hollywood or Firekeepers. Maybe it’s the stack size or something. I feel it takes me at least an orbit or two to readjust. Anyone else feel that way?

Solid observation here Nitro.  Absolutely, there are different mindsets for different places.  You are correct in identifying that stack size plays a big deal in that regard.  Some of it structure as well.  Some of the tournaments you play in have some silly starting stacks and starting levels, so adjusting from 1000/2000 with 1MM chips to 25/50 with 7k does take a quick minute.  Over the years I have also seen that some people take playing in the casino more seriously than playing at a charity room.  Some people have told me because they view the casino as a ‘real’ gambling establishment, but, to me, I don’t see a difference.  We are there to make money, and we should attempt to make money the best ways possible, no matter if we are playing for quarters in our basement, at the WSOP, a charity room, or a Detroit casino.


Originally Posted by Caveman921 FK is very very weak passive. Its charity room poker with a lot less people seeing the flop..Sig: otter likes my sigs better than Fantasy Land.

So take a little more aggressive approach in those satellites. Ok.

I took second a few weeks ago in their Thursday afternoon tournament which was nice. Then I came in 5th or 6th in the Thursday night Omaha tournament and just missed the money.

Was a good trip though.

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