Michigan Charitable Gaming Association

March, 2014



JCAR Cancels March 26 VoteNext Hearing on Thursday, March 27 1pm  House Bill 5424 introduced by Rep. Heise   After receiving countless calls from charities expressing their concern for the latest version of Director Kalm’s rules, it became clear that there were not enough votes to affirm the rules on the JCAR Committee.  As a result, the Chairman, Senator Pappageorge, cancelled the vote scheduled for today.   What Happens Now?   1) No vote in JCAR does mean that the clock is ticking on the current set of rules that have been submitted.  By mid-May, all of the rules as submitted will become law. The rules are essentially agreed to by the JCAR committee with their inaction on the rules. However, the Legislature can act before that in order to address the specific rules that the charities oppose and will close the rooms.  (A bill enacted by the Legislature supersedes a rule enacted by an agency.)   2) On Thursday, May 27 at 1pm (EDIT: They could meet anytime from 10:30am-6:00pm) in the Senate Conference room of the Farnum Building (121 W. Allegan St., Lansing, MI)  the Senate Committee on Regulatory Reform will meet to discuss Senate Bill 878 and hopefully vote to report it to the Senate Floor for a vote of the entire chamber.  Senate Bill 878 was introduced by Senator Rick Jones (R-Grand Ledge) last week to help the locations become licensed, streamline the regulatory duties of the MGCB and ensure that charities can continue to utilize this method of fundraising.   3) The House now also has a champion of the issue, as on Tuesday March 25, a “double blue-back” (the identical bill as SB 878) was introduced by Representative Kurt Heise (R-Plymouth Twp.) in the House of Representatives (House Bill 5424).  Rep. Heise  should be commended on his leadership and thanked by every charity in his district.  This bill ensures that the issue can move freely if needed by both chambers.  It also shows the Executive Director that there is House Republican support for the legislation.   4) Senator Tory Rocca (R-Sterling Heights) is chair of the Regulatory Reform committee. He is going hold a committee meeting to consider SB 878 at 1pm tomorrow (March 27).  Because they have a short amount of time tomorrow to meet, we have been asked not to “pack the house” as our enthusiastic charities often do, but rather have  4 or 5 people give very good testimony on the issue.  We have identified various charities from key districts of Senators on the committee to testify.  But, if you want to come and speak, you are certainly welcome as it is a public meeting.  You may also just come and watch to show your support.  It should also be noted that Senate Bill 878 that is listed online at michigan.gov is not the version that will be considered tomorrow.  Members may contact info@micga.org for more information and the current version of the bill.   5) The Senate and the House have a 3 week break beginning March 31.  This stops the clock on the JCAR Rules for 3 weeks, but gives our leaders in the Senate and House extra time to work the issue with their colleagues and gain the required support to quickly move the legislation through both chambers when they return after the break.   As always, we will keep you updated on Facebook and through Alert Emails.


New Legislators to Contact  We need to contact the members of the Senate Committee on Regulatory Reform and ask them to SUPPORT SENATE BILL 878!  If you can call today, or by tomorrow at 1pm, and especially if your organization has members in their districts, contact the following legislators and ask them to support Senate Bill 878 in committee tomorrow. Senator Rick Jones is the Sponsor of SB 878, and is on the committee. If you call him make sure to THANK HIM for his help and leadership on the issue.   Senator Tory Rocca (R-Macomb County) 517-373-7315 Senator Rick Jones (R-Eaton County) 517-373-3447 Senator Joe Hune (R-Livingston County) 517-373-2420 Senator Alran Meekhof (R-Ottawa County) 517-373-6920 Senator Phil Pavlov (R-St. Clair County) 517-373-7708 Senator Bert Johnson(D-Wayne County)  517-373-7748 Senator Rebekah Warren (D-Washtenaw County) 517-373-2406