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New Name, Same Great Content!

Welcome to the new and improved Michigan Poker News!  Since we cover poker news all over Michigan, we wanted to make sure anyone visiting the site knew this immediately.  It was time for to move on. Look for continuing coverage of the battle between the Michigan Gaming Control Board and the charities.  You can [&hellip

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Website Cleanup – Registered Users

Just a quick update.  If you were a registered user of this website and had either a random looking name, random looking email address, or a foreign email address referencing some porn site, your ID was deleted. I have set up reCAPTCHA for registration and comment forms due to receiving over a hundred spam looking [&hellip

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Few changes on the back end

Just a quick FYI:  Made some changes to the back-end of the website to try to keep spammers from registering.  If you have any issues with the site, please email me at caveman at detpokerz dot com. This will be an ongoing process. As the site gets more hits per month, the more chance to [&hellip

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And it begins..

The building of the website has been a fun and frustrating experience.  There is still a lot of work to do.  Like trying to get my WordPress theme to look like the website theme.  (What a pain in the ass this is) Once the website is complete, I can concentrate on providing content that will [&hellip

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