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First Tourney of the Year – Firekeepers $240

This past Sunday, IDKMyBFFJill and I drove out to Firekeepers Casino in Battle Creek to play the now semi-monthly $240.  We met up with Frank Panama from the Michigan Poker Monster Podcast as well as buggits30, n1ghtmare and boutrous11 from the 2+2 Detroit thread.  After a quick brunch at Smoke & Fire in the hotel [&hellip

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Aggressive Players

I like raising. In all honesty, it’s just plain fun opening with J7 and seeing people bewildered when you show down a hand like that. Beyond it just being fun, it becomes A LOT more difficult to put me on a hand. I could have AA or 45 or K3, or anything in between. Therefore, [&hellip

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Dealing with an Aggressive Player, aka Me

In the past, I have been chastised, at the table and off, for opening so many pots, and my continuous betting and aggression. I like to play a lot of pots. Not all of those pots get to the river. In fact, if they do, I am probably not going to win. So, why do [&hellip

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Re-Entry Tournaments

It’s been a while since I have written anything.  I’ve been busy pursuing other, non-poker related projects.  However, I have had a bit of time to travel, with one trip being to Atlantic City. Between this, an article written by Matt Savage, a 2+2 thread attached, and my experiences playing many events around the country, [&hellip

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Two Big Poker Tournaments in Michigan

Just a quick post about 2 big poker tournaments in Michigan: Mid-States Poker Tour at Firekeepers Casino in Battle Creek, Michigan The Mid-States Poker Tour will be at Firekeepers Casino in Battle Creek August 17th – 25th with a $100,000 guaranteed prize pool.  The first MSPT event in Michigan had a $1100 buy in and [&hellip

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