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3 Betting Out of Position

I’m back! Again. Before we get started, someone commented about how else to counteract an aggressive player. I would like to address that first, and then move on to the new article. Eric, we have played before, and I highly doubt you have 4 or 5 bet someone super light more than twice in your [&hellip

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Dealing with an Aggressive Player, aka Me

In the past, I have been chastised, at the table and off, for opening so many pots, and my continuous betting and aggression. I like to play a lot of pots. Not all of those pots get to the river. In fact, if they do, I am probably not going to win. So, why do [&hellip

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Northville Downs Sunday PLO

Northville Downs has started a Pot-Limit Omaha (PLO) game at 4 PM on Sundays.  The game has $1/$2 blinds and $100-$300 buy in but ran much bigger than that.  About 4 times an orbit there was a $10 button straddle and a couple under the gun straddles which made some really big pots.  If you [&hellip

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