Tomorrow is the monthly meeting of the Michigan Gaming Control Board and Snooker’s Poker Room is hoping to get answers on if and when they could reopen.  Today, Snooker’s sent another email reminding their charities of tomorrow’s meeting.  Here is the contents:

Dear Charity Organizations:
Don’t forget about the meeting tomorrow.  We appreciate as many people there as we can.  Hopefully we will be able to get some answers.  Details follow:

Date:   Tuesday, March 12
Time:   9:30am
Where: Cadillac Place
        3062 West Grand Boulevard
        Suite L-700
        Detroit, MI 48202
Your support is greatly appreciated.  Hope to see you there.

Thank you,

Don Wawrzyniak
Snookers Poker Room

I plan to attend the meeting tomorrow as a charity and a table jockey, not to speak on Snooker’s behalf.  My charity was scheduled to work 2 events in January and February this year.  Snooker’s has admitted to selling over the $15,000 in chips that are allowed by law but also denied whole heartedly that they never stole a single penny from any of the charities.

The MGCB has since restricted the number of charities that can run in a room to 3 at a time.  I am not sure what they were thinking when they made this rule.  If they didn’t have the man-power to handle audits and investigations, then this just increases the number of charities that are required to run the bigger rooms.  Places like Snookers in Utica and Electric Stick in Westland require more than 3 charities on a normal basis.  Now, in order to make sure they do not sell out of chips and can keep the games going in their room, they will need to require more charities and stagger their times so they always have chips available.

With the above setup, a room that is open from 10 AM to 2 AM running 4 hours per charity could use 12 charities in a day and sell up to $180,000 in chips.  Snooker’s was planning to move to 12 charities in January.  Now, if there is a slow period, some charities might not make any money at all.  Some charities give their volunteers credits for working the event which could further compound the issue.

Charities, room owners, players and the MGCB should get together to figure out a way that benefits everyone. I would be happy to help them with ideas where everyone makes money within the law. While I love playing the charity rooms since they have the most tournament action in the state, the charities are my biggest concern.