As many of you know, Snookers Poker Room in Utica has stopped running poker events until further notice.  The Michigan Gaming Control Board (MGCB) which now handles the Millionaire Party licenses has stopped issuing new licenses to charities that were designated to have their event at Snookers.  The reasoning according to MGCB is an ‘ongoing investigation.’

Rumors are flying all over Facebook and the 2+2 forums Detroit Thread regarding what happened that caused them to be shut down.  Really depends on who you talk to on what the issue was.  The MGCB would not comment on it other than it’s an ‘ongoing investigation.’  Until there is a hearing at the MGCB, I doubt we will know for sure. The Millionaire License allows you to sell up to $15,000 in chips for an event and the consensus is that they had been caught surpassing that amount.

As early as 9am this morning, the MGCB website still showed that there were licenses issued from December 30th through February.  When I checked at 4pm, there were no licenses shown at all on the state website for Snookers.  My charity has licenses for January and February at Snookers that were “processing” on the website until this afternoon.  It now says, “Please call us at….”   After speaking to a representative at the MGCB, I found that our license fee for the January dates has been refunded and sent back to us.  They expect the February dates to be processed in the next couple of week.

With the largest room on the East side shut down, the other rooms are trying to accommodate the influx of players.  Sunnybrook (the website is currently showing just a blank page) is opening at 10am now but only currently has 1 charity (they are adding new charities) and The River has also canceled it’s 2pm tournaments so they can run more cash games.  Big Beaver Tavern has not made any changes yet but there might be changes in the future.

I would suspect the rooms in the area will have a hard time keeping up with all the players who are looking for a place to play.  It may take up to 6 weeks to get additional charities into these rooms if they desire.  I’m sure they will try hard to accommodate all the players but it will take some time.

Keep checking back here at or  I will continue to try to find out more information from the state as well as if/when there is a hearing regarding Snookers.