Via Michigan Charitable Gaming Association:

Senate Bill 187 Passes Committee Unanimously –
Bill Now Headed to Floor

The Senate Committee on Regulatory Reform heard testimony and voted on Senator Rick Jones’s SB 187 today, May 6th.  The Senate Fiscal Analysis, which was also published today, can be read here.


SB 187 was passed unanimously by all 9 of the Committee Members:
In addition, an amendment, introduced by Senator Marleau, also passed unanimously by all 9 committee members.  The amendment would allow for the raising of the chip limit from $15,000 per day to $60,000, only for those charities who own their own gaming equipment and pay for dealers.  We anticipate that those qualified organizations who may be able to take advantage of this proposed chip increase due to owning their own equipment (and thereby eliminating the need for a supplier) will be in the minority overall of all qualified organizations.


If you reside in a district that is represented by one of the above Regulatory Reform committee members, please take a moment to call or write to them to thank them for their support of SB 187.


If you reside in a district that is not represented by any of the committee members, please still take a moment to call or write to your Senator to ask them to please vote yes on SB 187 when it comes to the floor for a vote.  You can find your Senator here.


We will continue to monitor the progress of this bill, as well as Representative Tom Barrett‘s companionHB 4293, and will provide updates as they become available.