Hi there. Just trying to sell a little bit off for this $300 at Soaring Eagle this weekend. Caveman and I are going up there to play on Saturday morning (along with at least 2 other 2+2ers that I know of). I am looking to sell 20-50% at face value. I have a few results to speak of… I’ve chopped 3 side events between the Borgata Spring and Fall Opens, for a total of about $12500.

Ways to pay: If I know you I’ll do it on credit. Cash in the Ann Arbor Area (or Plymouth) until Friday at 6. PayPal-using Caveman’s PP because I don’t have one. Cash in Mt. Pleasant on Saturday before the start of play.

I intend on getting there plenty early to register on time. If anyone wants to meet, I’ll be around.

Here is some legal mumbo jumbo that I was told to put in.
Taxes – For cashes that are taxable investors may choose between having taxes withheld or receiving all money by providing the necessary tax information. I will need pictures or copies of I.D and Social Security card to transfer the tax liability.