Yesterday, I made it out to play their first $250 tournament at Santino’s Poker Room at 59259 Van Dyke Ave in Washington Township and to check out their expanded setup. They have added a tournament room in the back away from the bar which has 6 tables and a few TVs for your viewing pleasure as well as the tournament clock.  The tournaments have the same structure that Snooker’s Poker Room had which is a great structure with lots of play available.  Most of the dealers and floor personnel are from Snookers which I feel had some of the best dealers in SE Michigan.

They have waitstaff that comes through regularly which were very friendly and quick to bring in my tea.  They also had free pizza in the room for the players and the waitresses were even bringing slices for the players.  The bathrooms are located just outside the room for those with tiny bladders so you can run in and out quickly (After you wash your hands of course!!)  The smoking area in through the martini bar where 3 Black Jack tables are located.  There is a small balcony with an over hand to help keep you dry.

I only had their really thin crust pizza which was well worth the price (Free!).  However, the last time I was there I ordered the Santino Burger even though I had already ate dinner before going out since it was free for the cash game players.  I planned on only giving it a try but after tasting this great burger, I downed the whole thing and gorged myself.

The tournament had 40 runners with a first place prize of $3350,  I feel is pretty good for the first one in the room and really would have been happy to see 30 show.  Blinds started at 25/50 and lasted 30 minutes each.  Blinds kicked in after 4 hours of play at 600/1200 with 100 blinds.  It took almost 7 hours to get down to the final table and blinds were at 2000/4000/500 with a 120,000 ave stack.  Lots of room for 3 and 4 betting though I think I was the only one to 4 bet all day.  (I had 97s and it was against a friend of mine just for a good story later)  I would have liked to see the antes kick in after the first break (at level 5) because I feel there are not many in the area that are good at playing tournaments with antes.  I was knocked out 10th after 3bet shoving 99 into KK.

Overall, Santinos is a great looking poker room with a nice environment which made for a great experience.  They are open daily from 10 AM-2 AM for cash game and have tournaments scheduled at 2 PM and 7 PM 6 days a week and are trying to get a $100 tournament at 2 PM on Sundays.  You can call them for more information at 586-850-8910.  It’s a 45 minute drive for me but I will make the trek out there a couple times a month for sure.