Ryan Riess of Waterford, MI is your 2013 WSOP Main Event Champion!  He out lasted over 6000 players of the $10,000 buy-in tournament in route to over $8.3 million dollars and the bracelet.  Outside of 1 miss-step on a call with Q high trying to catch a bluff, he played amazing all night.  Getting smacked with the deck (getting great cards) helped as well.

Ryan Riess at the 2013 WSOP Final Table

Ryan Riess at the 2013 WSOP Final Table

During the acceptance of the bracelet, you could hear the emotion (read: about to cry) in his voice.  Riess thanked God, his rail and Farber for being a great player before exclaiming to Kara Scott that, “I think I’m the best player in the world.”  Tonight, you have proved it to everyone that you are the World Champion!

Riess and Farber started heads up play with Farber having about a 15M chip lead of the 190M total in play.  Riess quickly closed the gap to were they were almost even in chips.  They seemed to go back and forth for the first hour before Riess started chipping away at Farber’s stack and had a lead of 112M to 78M respectively when this hand happened:

Blinds are 500k/1.0M with 150k ante.  Riess is on the button and raised to 2.5M.  Farber calls out of the big blind.  The flop is 3s3h7c and Farber checks.  Riess bets out for 3M and Farber calls.  The turn is the 2c and Farber checks.  Riess bets 5M and Farber check-raises to 13.45M.  Riess calls.  The river is the 9s.  Farber leads out for 24M and Riess goes into the tank for about 5 minutes.  Riess eventually folds and Farber wins the pot.  Thanks to the marvels of TV, we know Riess had Q7o and Farber pulled off a huge bluff with 65o.

They were about even after this hand and Riess went back to chipping away at Farber’s stack.  Farber was nice enough to not make Ryan wait the full 15 minutes before telling Riess that he bluffed him.

Riess began grinding him down again with some great plays and run of cards.  Farber was down to 14M at the start of this hand:

The blinds are 500k/100k with 150k ante still.  Riess is on the button and raise to 2M.  Farber calls out of the big blind.  The flop is Kc5hQs.  Farber checks.  Riess bets 2.5M and Farber goes all in.  Riess snap calls with KsTh.  Farber tables JcTs for the open-ended straight draw.  A 9h on the turn and Qc on the river seals the double-up for Farber.

Farber begins to fight back and runs his 28M up to 72M by chipping away at Riess’ stack after Riess tried to make a hero call with Q high when Farber had rivered a flush.  This was a direct result of the hand earlier when Farber bluffed him with 6 high on the river.

Finally, the blinds are 600k/1.2M with 200k ante and Riess had a huge chip lead of 176M to 14M again when the final hand happened:

Riess is on the button and raises to 2.5M.  Farber shoves with Q5s and Riess snap calls with AKh was 65/35 favorite.  The flop comes 4cJdTd giving Farber just 3 outs to stay alive.  A 3c on the turn and 4d on the river wins it for Riess.

Afterwards, Riess was mobbed by his rail.  The rail is chanting “Riess the beast” before Riess was able to make it over to Farber to shake his hand.  Farber commented, “wish I could run like you” while giving him hug before Riess ran over to his parents for more hugs and congratulations.

I agree with Farber, I sure wish I ran like Riess.  While he did get a great run of cards, he clearly outplayed Farber on his run to being the 2013 World Series of Poker Champion.  Lets hope Riess can be a great ambassador to the sport for the coming year.  Hopefully, I can get an interview with him when he comes back home.