UPDATE 9/20/2013 9:35 AM:

Look at what else I found:

R 432.302 Licensing and approval.
Rule 302. (1) An application for a license under this act and these rules is a request by the
applicant for the discretionary license. The license is a revocable privilege and is not a property
right. No person including a qualified organization, supplier, lessor, or location owner shall have
any expectation the executive director will issue a license.
(2) The executive director shall not authorize more than one millionaire party event to occur at any
location per day.
(3) The executive director shall not authorize more than 30 days of millionaire party events to occur at a
location in a calendar year.
(4) The executive director may set a maximum number of licenses that will be issued to qualified organizations
and may set a maximum number of days that a millionaire party license may be issued.
(5) The executive director may stop issuing licenses at any time or for any reason.

Rule 432.302.(2) – means only one Millionaire Party per day per location.  Rule 302.(4) – No maximum specified so he can set the maximum to 1 if he feels like it.  Rule 302.(5) – He can shut down any room at a his will.

I am still reading but DAMN!!!!  And we thought they were transferring control to the MGCB because they were better equipped to handle it.  Well, they are trying to regulate us out of existence so they will not have to regulate it.

Back to reading…


The Michigan Charitable Gaming Association sent out the following:

The MGCB submitted proposed rule changes to the Office of Regulatory Reinvention, as the first step in the rule making process. The proposed rules can be found by clicking here.

Once notice is posted in the Michigan Register (the next publication comes out on September 30), a Public Hearing will be held in order for the charities to respond. More information will be presented as it becomes available.

The rules are posted here.  While I have not read the entire document, this was pointed out to me:

R 432.302 Licensing and approval.
(3) The executive director shall not authorize more than 30 days of millionaire party events to occur at a location in a calendar year.

This will effectively close down all rooms for 11 months of the year.  You cannot tell me with a straight face that the casinos are not behind these changes.  Please read the document and let me know what you think.

As soon as the Public Comment hearing is announced, I will be sure to let everyone know.  We will need to pack the hearing with as many charities as we can so we can let them know that these types of changes are unacceptable and will completely destroy this industry that the charities depend on to keep them running.

It is incumbent that we, as charities, players and room owners, back State Representative Jeff Farrington’s House Bill 4960 that reforms the regulations and processes of charitable gaming in Michigan.  See my post here regarding the bill.