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MGCB and Governor Issue Emergency Rules
Effective Immediately
On Thursday, July 3rd, Governor Snyder and the MGCB issued Emergency Rules that contain many of the provisions contained in the rule set that the Court of Claims enjoined in May.
A copy of the rules can be found here:
A summary of the Emergency Rules can be found here:
1) the Emergency rules are being adopted to protect the health, safety and welfare of Michigan citizens;
2) the argument is that the increased risk to the charities that they will be victims of criminal activity, including fraud and theft is the specific threat;
3) the Executive Director can authorize up to 2 millionaire parties per location per day and there shall be no more than 4 millionaire part event days per week per location;
4) a qualified organization may not enter into an agreement with the location owner or lessor other than those addressed in the written rental agreement approved by the Executive Director;
5) charities must have 3 bona fide members on site at all times;
6) the Executive director may determine the permissible hours of the day during which millionaire parties can be conducted.
How does this affect the injunction that was obtained by MiCGA, charities, locations and suppliers who filed to enjoin the rules from May, 2014?  That will be up to the Judge who has been assigned the case.  This decision has not been made yet.  We will notify members as soon as additional information becomes available.
 In the meantime, it is critical that you contact the House of Representatives and let them know that you are displeased that Governor and Executive Director are trying to circumvent the judicial process and the House has to act when they return in September on SB878!  Even if you called before, this new development is definitely worthy of another call to the House.
Representative Jase Bolger: (517) 373-1787
Representative Hugh Crawford: (517) 373-0827


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