JCAR Hearing Update: JCAR Will Vote Next Week

After a 3 and 1/2 hour hearing, and taking testimony from approximately 40 charities, the MiCGA and Director Kalm, Senator Pappageorge adjourned. He indicated that he would hold the vote next week after members had some time to process what they had learned from the testimony.

Approximately 150 people were in attendance.  Senators and Representatives asked important questions as they attempted to learn both sides of the issue.  No one really made it clear which side of the argument they were coming down in favor of.  We believe we have 6 votes in opposition to the rules, but it really remains to be seen.

The MiCGA asked specifically that the committee delay the rules for up to a year in order for Senator Jones’ bill to be considered by the legislature or vote to rescind them upon their effective date.  Executive Director Kalm indicated that if he didn’t get the rules, he would basically stop issuing any licenses at all.  The MiCGA reminded him and his staff that the Supreme Court has ruled that an agency has to execute the laws that they are responsible for regulating and this would be a direct violation of that case law.  Representative McMillin was very adamant in pointing out that if they chose to rescind the rules, then Director Kalm would just stop issuing licenses altogether.

But the charities were adamant–the Legislature has to act NOW to protect the charities and they need to do it quickly–preferably within the time frame that JCAR has to act.

No date has been set for JCAR’s vote,  but we will update you when it is scheduled.

The fight is far from over.  Keep up the good fight everyone!  I will update you all when I hear more.