Bald is sexy!

For those that haven’t followed the Facebook Page or the Twitter Feed, I posted about a month ago that I would shave my head and donate it to charity if the website were to reach 200 Likes/Follows.  Well Tuesday we hit the 200 mark!  I just wanted to thank everyone for reading, following, and liking!

With the 200 mark, there was a promise made that I would shave my head and donate it to charity.  If you have seen me on the felt or at one of our charity’s events, you have seen I haven’t cut my hair (besides a slight trim) in a few years.  The last time I cut my hair short after having it down nearly to my ass, I had a slight tear rolling down my cheek.  This time it was my wife, The Poker Spouse, with the tear.

My Beautiful hair!!

My Beautiful hair!!

I originally had planned to have it done at a professional hair stylist but my wife had other plans.  She dropped the “What?  You don’t trust me to do it???” and I caved like a good husband does and let her have at it.  Outside of a little irritation when she was shaving, she did a great job.

The Big Chop


After an hour of sitting while trying to look around my wife to see the Tigers game, we are finished.  My head is much colder and I cannot stop rubbing it.  I felt like I was 13 again.  Here is the final look that I hope to keep for at least a month.  However, the wife HATES IT!!  I may not be able to hold out that long.



Yes, I need to get some sun on that white spot up top.  I told the wife that I was going to get some sun first but that would take until July at the rate we are going in Michigan.  It snowed some yesterday and there is more in the 5 day forecast.

Almost Famous

Many moons ago when the wife and I started dating, she found out that I loved to play poker.  Once I started playing professionally, (and I use that term in the loosest sense) she bought me a button to wear.  The button said “Almost Famous” and I use to wear it from time to time.  I may still have it somewhere around the house and would love to break it out again.

Last week, I went to the Electric Stick for the “Pick Your Poison” tourney on Wednesday night.  About half way through the tournament, someone walked by my table and shouted, “Hey Caveman!  You’re a great writer!’  I nodded and said thanks before looking around the table at everyone staring at me.  I felt slightly embarrassed by it and probably blushed if you could have seen it through my thick ass beard.

I did not recognize that I have ever played with the guy before but apparently he reads the blog and I thank him for it.  I have never thought of myself as a great writer but it was very nice to be recognized and complemented.  Hell, I failed English in 11th grade and graduated last in my class with a 1.6 GPA.  (I had a bunch of electives I didn’t need my senior year and I had no drive to do anything except graduate)  Writing the blog gives me joy and so I am really happy others are enjoying it as well.

I am going to the Electric Stick for the 4 PM $55 tourney.  Feel free to say hi if you are there.  First person to call me a “bald donkey” I’ll buy a beer!

EDIT: The hair is going to Lock of Love!  I’ll post when I get my certificate back from them.