Upon hearing the news that Snookers is closed due to them not being able to follow the rules and supply legal gaming to their large customer base, I have decided to write a little something about gamblers in general.

I have met a fair number of the people that are reading this, whether you know it is me or not.  I have played a lot of poker in my life, and have been around card rooms pretty much 5x a week for 5 years.  Meeting 2+2 people is great, and most of their behavior is not what I wish to cover in this blog.  Don’t get me wrong 1game, sometimes when the drinks start flowing… I jest of course.

I have many issues to bring up with regards to people, their behavior, and lack of decorum at and or around the poker table.  I’ll start my ramble now, and will go from there.

I don’t care how many hundreds of thousands of dollars you can make in your day job, limit on the 2/5 game is still 200-500.

I don’t care that you usually play 2/5, this is a 1/2 charity game, quit asking everybody to bump it up to 2/5.  If you want to play 2/5 at a 1/2 table, go ahead and raise to 25 every hand you open, and straddle every button and every UTG.


Please take a shower.

No I will not back down from what I think is right, and no, I don’t know who you are, nor do I care.

Please quit asking for deck changes.

I don’t care that you haven’t seen a card over a 5 in an hour.

If you smoke weed (or really potent cigs) please take care of the smell before coming back to the table.  I know many old people (read: fish) do not like it and have left games because of it.  I have left games because of it as well, I’m just not old.  I know marijuana is now legal in Michigan, congratulations on it, not going to bash it, but if I smelled like I just rolled around in horse manure for an hour before coming to play poker, I would be chastised publicly, and rightfully so.  Here is my chastising anyone that smells like weed/Newports when they come to the table.

The dealer didn’t make you lose when he put the 6c on the river.  He is doing his job, shuffling cards, and dealing them out when appropriate.  No need to cuss at him.

Please don’t stay on your phone in the middle of a hand.  Texting, okay, just make sure youre acting when its your turn.


So, that covers most of my complaints in terms of what I hate seeing at the poker table.  Why did I take the time to write a 500 word blog about it?  Do I have nothing better to do with my life at 8:50am? Ok, no I don’t but don’t hold that against me.  I write it because I have spoken with quite a few new players (read: fish) that don’t like playing at certain places at certain times due to the people.

For example: Docs (@11a) has at least the same 7 people every morning starting their game.  If I didn’t bring headphones, I would never play in this game either. Okay, yes I would, but I would be annoyed.

So, please feel free to comment about this, add, subtract, concur, or chastise, whatever you feel like doing.