Hello all,

It has been a long while since I have posted anything (on here or 2+2).  I haven’t been playing, the GF and day trading keeps me busy ATM.

As for poker related news, I have challenge 2+2’er Blue Devil, who I mistakenly called Blue Balls, to a HU match.

His terms were as follows:  $1000 HU SNG, 5 games, no backing or selling pieces.

I countered about 20 minutes ago with the following offer:

HUSNG PLO or NLHE $200-$500 per match, min 3 matches. Or HU Cash. 1-2 300 min/max NLHE.  Match has to take place in Ann Arbor, probably at the Heidelberg.  Also, Coach McGuirk has to be there, because I said so.

I wish I could sell pieces to this, fun sweats and everything, but this is supposedly against the rules.  I’d like to do this before Jan. 8th, but we will see if I get a response.