Help the Charities and MiCGA fight the MGCB.  Feel free to print them out and pass them out to the members of your charity or post at your poker room.  We need EVERYONE to help!  Please see the pdf below to find out how.

Here’s the link to the full PDF: 2101_001

Page 1
Fair Play - MiCGA Page 1

Page 2
Fair Play - MiCGA Page 2

Page 3
Fair Play - MiCGA Page 3

Page 4
Fair Play - MiCGA Page 4

Here’s the link to the full PDF: MiCGA

Page 1
MiCGA Alert Page 1

Page 2 – Michigan Legislator Link
MiCGA Alert Page 2

Page 3 – Online petition is at
MiCGA Alert Page 3

Page 4: Form Letter to send to your representative:
MiCGA Alert Page 4