On September 7th, Michigan’s newest charity poker room opened at 3946 Rochester Road in Troy, MI. (cash/tournament info)  Well, I should actually say “re-opened” as they opened for 12 days in January of this year before the Michigan Gaming Control Board (MGCB) shut them down stating it violated the moratorium.  The supplier had a license to operate in this room prior to the moratorium went into effect.  The funny part was that the MGCB granted charities licenses to run for those 12 days before canceling the licenses.

Once the issue about them having the license to operate was cleared up, the MGCB said they violated the moratorium because the building changed ownership.  The owner was selling it on a land-contract but retained ownership when the contract was not fulfilled.  After a few more month of discussions with the MGCB, they finally agreed to allow them to re-open.

The poker room is inside the Hamlin Pub and features 8 tables for cash and tournament play as well as five 52″ flat screen TVs for your viewing pleasure.  With new carpet, paint and “Rat Pack” pictures on

Hamlin Pub Poker Room

the wall, the room is very clean and well-lit.  I started working there as a dealer hoping to learn the final side of charity poker. I am a player and run Millionaire Parties for the Band Boosters Association of West Bloomfield.  Since starting this past Sunday, I have enjoyed their Jim Beam Bacon Burger, boneless hot wings and a Cuban Crush sub that were excellent.  You can view the menu here.

Any new room is in need of some regulars that show up and get the games going.  They are less than a week since opening and getting more calls and 1s and 2s showing up to play but haven’t put together a table yet.  Tonight, the power went out during the storm as did half of the city of Troy.  The did have several people waiting to play tonight before the power outage but I left after an hour so I’m not sure if they got the game going or not this event.

If you live close by and love poker or just want to help get another charity room going, please feel free to stop in and help get the games going.  The staff is great and has Dave Ashcroft managing the room who has been managing rooms for several years in the area.  I really hope the room gets off the ground not because I work there, but having another room helping to serve charities in southeast Michigan.