MD Live Casino – Handover, MD

The Poker Spouse and I are hanging out in MD with the 5 youngest kids for the New Year so I made a trip out to MD Live Casino in Handover, MD. They have a 52 table, 2 story poker room that appears to run completely full at least on the weekends. When we made it to Laurel, MD, I looked on the Bravo Poker app and saw the picture on the left.

I did not donate money to the casino (except the rake) but I did donate a couple buy-ins to many of the regulars that frequent this fine establishment. I picked up AA, QQ and 77 as my only pocket pairs, triple barreled twice and got crushed for heaps and I managed to double up a couple of short stacks multiple times while getting it in a 80%+ favorite on a flop all in 5 hours of play.

One hand in particular that was interesting involving one of said sleeping fellows: Sleeping fellow is in the BB of seat 5. After the deal, one of his cards were just in front of his blind while his head was down on the rail napping. UTG limps, UTG+1 and +2 toss their mucked cards in the middle and I see the dealer swipe 5 cards which included the BBs card. I tell the dealer that one of those cards was the BB and he wakes up to see just the single card. The floor is called over and he was given the option of playing just the 1 card.

If you manage to make a trip to the East coast, I would definitely make a stop here. As you can see from the Bravo app, they have a wide variety of games and limits. I went at 5am on a Sunday and they still had 32 tables going. Of course, there were 2 guys regularly taking naps between hands.

Goals from 2013

It’s time to see how I did on my goals that I posted in January. You can find the whole article here. Here is the short list:

  1. Take is easy
  2. Bankroll Management
  3. Game Selection
  4. Study, Study, Study
  5. Move up in stakes


Take it easy

I did take it easy. Sometimes too easy but that isn’t a bad thing at all. After April, I pretty much stopped playing cash after a huge downswing that I didn’t have the bankroll to recover from. So I switched to tournament play and enjoyed a few good (yes, good if very relative) wins throughout the year.

I picked up a backer for some tournaments and managed to break even the first time through. I’m still working on the second round of the stake. If I can show a profit from this, I may be able to talk him into some larger tournaments.

Bankroll Management

Bankroll management has be very easy for me. I haven’t had one to manage after the March downswing.

Game Selection

This one is really hard to say. For tournaments, I believe I did well. I stuck to larger field tournaments when I could and made a few trips down to Toledo for the Sunday $120s. The games at Karzy Kopz Poker Room in Westland have the softest fields I’ve played in in recent years. In 10 tournaments I played there, I cashed 5 times and booked 3 wins (1 was a chop). I did play there the most this year so for the most part, my game selection was pretty good.

Study, Study, Study

I really slacked off on this one. I only read 1 book and skimmed the 2+2 forums until the last month of the year. This is probably the most disappointing for me. It was 100% in my control and did not cost anything but time to accomplish.

Move up in stakes

Well, do I really need to comment on this? Just read 2, 3 and 4 and you will see why this didn’t happen.

2014 Plan

This year is going to be different. I’m going to focus on improving my game only. In November, I went back to work and making a good living again. This will enable me to play cash more often and even buy-in directly to the $1100 Mid-States Poker Tour in May. I will probably still try to qualify into the HPT at Soaring Eagle as well. So I’m going to keep things simple.

  • Study, Study, Study
    • Pick up a book, read the forums, discuss hands with anyone willing to tell you how stupid you were for taking that line.
  • Exercise
    • I spent 5 hours playing yesterday and I was completely drained. I do not have a scale at my house but weighed myself at the mother-in-law’s and topped the 1/8 ton mark.
  • Stop playing in $30 tournaments
    • This is more about playing higher buy-in tournaments and hoping to play against better players than anything else.
  • Give my wife more things to blog about.
    • I find them funny and wish she would write more. Maybe if I’m out playing poker more often, I’ll drive her to drink.. err blog more.

What are your goals for this coming New Year? Anyone wanting to blog about poker this year? Let me know. I don’t pay anything for it but you could get a lot of feedback from our faithful followers. has received over 37,000 pages views in 2013 and 6500 unique visitors according to Google Analytics.

Thank you all for your support of this site. Your feedback and support helps keep this site alive! Here’s to another great year of poker for everyone! Happy New Year!!!