Hangover Bar and GrillOn February 3rd, Four Aces Club moved their charity poker room from Continental Lanes to the Hangover Bar and Grill at 17810 E 13 Mile Rd., Roseville, Michigan 48066.  Frank Panama and Gambit from www.mipokermonster.com and myself all made the trek out to see the new room.  Frank and Gambit were there early enough to get into the tournament which was sold out.  They had 6 tables in use for the tournament and 1 table for a cash game.

When I pulled into the parking lot, it was pretty packed and had to park in the rear of the building.  I found the back way in and walked to the front and see this huge looking room with LOTS of tables and think,”SWEETNESS!”  Then I get closer to the front and realize they have mirrored front windows.  The tables were spread apart enough to walk through fairly easily even with my fat ass.  I think I heard they were going to tweak things a bit.  They only had about 2 weeks to prepare because the Michigan Gaming Control board took so long to give them approval to move.

Picture of Four Aces Inside


I stopped in for about an hour and half to play cash which I have not done too much of this past year.  The cash game had a $40-$300 buy-in and about $1800 on the table when I sat down with my $200 stack.  It was the standard weak/passive players in most spots including a guy that called a $160 bet on the flop with a gutter and back door flush draw.  Of course he got there with top 2.  Lets just say I got it in bad 5 times and the 1 time I had the goods, the villain flopped a straight with J7o.  I even miss-read the board once that cost me heaps.  

While Four Aces is quite a trek for me, I plan to try their $100 tournament in May which runs the second Saturday of each month.  I am out-of-town that weekend the next two months with drum line competitions so your next review will be a bit.  Guy really runs a great room with some interesting tournaments as well.  Be sure to check them out and lets us know how you did.

 UPDATE from Four Aces:

The day after our grand opening the Hangover bar & grill made a deal to obtain 1000 more square feet in the space next door and they will be expanding the parking lot in back. In a few weeks we will have room for 5 more tables and by spring we will have additional parking in back.