This past Sunday, IDKMyBFFJill and I drove out to Firekeepers Casino in Battle Creek to play the now semi-monthly $240.  We met up with Frank Panama from the Michigan Poker Monster Podcast as well as buggits30, n1ghtmare and boutrous11 from the 2+2 Detroit thread.  After a quick brunch at Smoke & Fire in the hotel lobby where I have the fabulous ‘Smoke Burger’ (damn I should get paid for this), we headed off to the poker room to meet the guys from the thread.

After quickly meeting up with the rest of the guys, we head into the poker room for the start of the tournament.  I was the last one to sit down at seat 4 at table 10 and told everyone good luck before trying to get my initial reads on everyone.  Seats 1, 2, 3,  5, 8, 9 and 10 appear to be weak/passive players and seats 6 and 7 as the only possible thinking players.  It turns out, they were ALL weak tight!  Yes, 9 of them at the same table with me just having the time of my life.

We start the tournament with 15,000 in chips and 25/50 blinds.  The second hand of the tournament, seat 1 is UTG+1 and makes it 800 to go.  I’m #notamathguy but I think that might be a big raise.  I just muck my hand and smile while thinking this could be a long day.  Thinking that I want to see smaller raises, I want to get the next raise quick.  Lucky me, they fold to me and put out 150 without looking at my hand and pick up the BB.  Flop is K high and he folds to a 175 c-bet.  Next hand, I raise 1 limper to 225 with AJ from UTG+3, pick up the BB and UTG.  Flop comes A high and both fold to the c-bet.

I’m UTG and raise to 150 with 66 and get the button and BB.  Flop is KT4 and they both fold to the c-bet.  Are you guys starting to see the pattern???  Yes, I’m at a dream table.  Next I pick up 66 on the button and raise the 3 limpers to 325 picking up the BB and all 3 limpers.  Flop comes out J73 and it checks all the way around.  The turn is another J and another round of checks.  River is 3 and they check to me again.  I bet 700 and everyone folds.

Next hand I raise seat 10’s limp from CO to 200 with KK.  The BB and seat 10 call and we are 3 to the flop.  The flop is QT6 rainbow and the BB leads out for 500.  I smooth call and the BB folds.  The turn is a 4 and he bets out 1500 and I call.  The river is a complete blank and he checks.  I toss out 4000 and he snap calls turning over QJ.  (No, I haven’t lost a hand yet)

The very next hand, this is one I want you guys to pick apart and tell me what an idiot I am: I pick up 88 and limp along with EVERYONE ELSE.  The button ends up raising it to 250 and EVERYONE ELSE calls.  Flop comes out Qc 8x 6c.  It checks around to me and I check (yes, I just did that) as does EVERYONE ELSE.  The turn is a 4x.  It checks to seat 1 who bets out 1000.  I call (yes, I just did that too) and EVERYONE ELSE folds.  The river is the Tc.  Seat 1 snap tosses out 2000.  I complain about how bad I am and just call (yes, I know I’m a nit sometimes..)  He turns up 66.  Please, please, please tell me how you feel about this hand.

Are you ready for another LOL hand??  Seat 1 limps in UTG+1 and I raise to 400 and we are heads up to the flop.  The flop comes out KQ6r and he checks.  I bet 450 and he folds AQs face up.  Yes, this table is this easy.  We are in the second level less than an hour in and I have about 32000.

I only have 2 more hands to discuss because really NOTHING INTERESTING was going on!!  Seat 9 is just crushing the table after flopping 5 sets and getting paid off on 4 of them.  Frank Panama comes to the table in seat 1 as well as 2 other new people in seats 3 and 8 just before this hand.  The button is on seat 8 with blinds at 300/600.  Seat 3 raises to 1600 with about 25k back, I call with A5ss with 28k back and seat 9 (SB) 3 bets to 4200.  Seat 3 snap calls and I quickly put seat 8 on QQ+.  There is just no way this guy is doing it with less.  Yes was a very easy read but I didn’t have any reads on seat 3.   With the snap call, I think he has 99+/AQo+.  I come along getting 5 to 1.  The flop comes out 6s 3s 2x.  Seat 8 leads out for 6500.

Now the times he flopped sets, he checked.  If he raised and missed, he checked.  Him leading out just screamed that I had the right range pre-flop.  Seat 3 calls and I come along getting 4 to 1 to hit my flush + gut shot planing to get away from a blank on the turn.  Little did I know, seat 8 would lead out for 6500 again on the blank turn.  (Think it was an 9x).  Seat 3 calls and I’m now getting a bazzilion to 1 to call and I of course call.  Kx on the river and seat 8 snap shoves.  Seat 3 tank folds later claiming to QQ and I of course fold.   Seat 8 shows KK scooping in the massive pot.  Again, please tell me your thoughts on this one as well.

The day finally ended when I was down to 11200 not many hands later.  I min-raise to 1200 with JJ while UTG.  Frank is on the button and 3-bets to 3200.  I ship it and Frank makes the call with AQdd.  An A on the river ends my run early.

Outside of the set over set hand, I think I played really well.  While I wish I hadn’t played with A5s hand, once I called the initial raise, I don’t think I could get away from the hand.  I hope to get out to Firekeepers a couple of times a month as they $7600 first place prize is very tempting.  Couple that with a field that may be easier than a charity $40 tournament, I do not think I can afford to miss many of them.  It was a pleasure meeting a few of the followers of the site.  If you ever see me out playing, I am always thrilled to have people stop by and say hi so don’t hesitate to tap me on the shoulder.