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Re: Letter of July 29, 2013
Dear Licensed Supplier and/or Qualified Organization,

Effective immediately, I am rescinding my letter dated July 29, 2013 containing information about millionaire party licensing and regulatory enforcement (See attached letter). That letter was not an attempt on my part to make rules, as defined by the Administrative Procedures Act, MCL 24.201 et seq., and it did not have the force and effect of law.
Unfortunately, some have misconstrued the purpose of the letter as an attempt to rule make. The letter provided updates that were advisory and interpretative of specific areas of needed enforcement concerning the regulation and licensing of millionaire party gaming. These measures are necessary to protect the charities and the integrity of gaming and have their basis in my existing authority under the Bingo Act and rules. Accordingly, I will continue to regulate millionaire party gaming consistent with that authority.

I hope this clarifies any confusion regarding the updates. For further information please refer to our website at

Richard Kalm, Executive Director
Michigan Gaming Control Board


Looks like he got a slap on the hand from the judge. Lets hope it sticks come September 5th, 2013 at the Show Cause hearing.

We will find out next week!