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All of the information in this article/blog is tentative and has not been proven as of time of writing. Inside the text is the list of assumptions that I am using. If Don, or any other person wishes to try to correct/disprove anything written, I welcome and encourage it.

Good Evening. I am writing today about a topic that has been widely talked about in the Detroit thread on 2+2, and at the local tables for several weeks now. Snookers. Personally, I have been to Snookers, played every game except the 2/5 and the $250 tournament. I loved just about every aspect of the place, from the people, to the ambiance, to the fact that there were 6+ games going and huge tournaments. I loved the quickness of the floor getting me a seat at most times, the speed in which the charities dolled out chips, and the action. The action was great. It was why I drove an hour to play there.
As with most businesses, there are drawbacks. At Motor City, we are provided food (Little Caesars and stuff) and lots of action in place of comp dollars. At Snookers, the drawback was the breaking of the rules.

I hate to sit out here and say, I told you so, when I never really told you so.  However, one 2+2er and I (mostly him, I just agreed with his statement) did talk about how there was something shady going down at Snookers.  How was there a deep and very profitable 2/5 game running at a charity room with a $15000 limit?  Was there one charity for that game only?  Where there only 30 max buys per day?  Let’s be honest, there was no way that the game was able to sustain itself from 9-10am to 2am on $15000 without changing charities (which, to my knowledge, didn’t happen until late December 2012).

Here are the assumptions/presumptions/posted information that I am using as a basis for this article.  If any of these are wrong, I will come back and edit the areas that are incorrect, or delete the article and issue an apology.

Snookers sold more than $15000 per day per charity.

There was a post somewhere, exactly where I am not sure, claiming that the charity was instructed by the floor to quit recording chip sales past $13500,  and to let the Snookers Management team take the paperwork from there.  There have been accusations that these papers were then doctored to show less then $15000 in sales when the estimated numbers are somewhere between $25000 and $50000.

There was gross negligence and obvious collusion between Snookers Management and Ownership to sell more than the allotted charity chips.  Whether charities were implicit in partaking, or just following managements directives is unclear to me at this time.  However, not all of the blame can fall on Snookers.

I have some questions that I do not know the answer to, but would like to.

Did the charity get a fair split of all of the rake taken that day, including from the money that  was oversold?

Who did the paperwork at the end of the night?  How accurate was the paperwork?

How long was overselling/improper paperwork going on for?

How/why was this not caught sooner?

How implicit where the charities in the overselling of chips?  I have been to many charity rooms.  Some of the charities are clueless and literally take every word of the floor as gold,  others are better at it and know what to do.

Some of you already know all of the information above and are waiting to hear new or different information.  I have no new information but I do have a few declarative statements.

If/when any/all/most of the information is reported as true/Snookers Management and Ownership is found complicit in overselling chips (not just once or twice, but numerous times), I call for no Manager or Owner to be allowed to own or run a charity room AND not be allowed to hold a Level 2 gaming license (Level 2 is needed to work on the casino floor as a dealer, and goes up from there).  Some might say that this is harsh.  It is.  However, between poker already getting a bad name with Black Friday and its aftermath, general poker scandals, and the unpopular general public opinion of poker/poker players/charity gaming, there is no room in the poker/gaming community for someone to run a room as poorly as Snookers was run.  Charity gaming is getting hit hard by casino lobbyists, see the moratorium on new gaming licenses and switching from whoever was overseeing the Millionaires Licenses to the MGCB doing it.

Some of you are asking, why management?  Why not just ownership?  Well, here is my answer:  They were complicit.  There is no way that you can convince me that they did not know that there was overselling.  If a manager was concerned about the overselling, they should have quit immediately/called the MGCB themselves.  Several years ago, I had a boss violating a number of health code laws.  I called the health department and we were shutdown for a little while for us to get back up to code.  Also, I have a feeling that most, if not all, managers knew overselling was going on before they were hired in as managers.

Some might question, why now?  Why not wait until the hearing?  Well, good questions.  I wanted to put something out now because I have not seen or heard about anyone else writing about such things yet. (I did read Turdzilla’s end of the year blog, which was very good.)  I want to put it out there that if the allegations are true, there is no room in the charity/casino gaming arena for people that can’t follow the rules.  Some might say, pay a fine, and move on.  I disagree.  For something this egregious and constant, more action is needed.   Snookers was a cash cow.  All they needed to do was to follow the rules  and everything would have been alright.

I welcome any and all comments.  Don or any Snookers Manager, if you read this and wish to talk to me about it, please get into contact with Caveman, I will be more than happy to hear what you have to say.  Otherwise, I am told that there is a comment box.  I know that this is linked to Twitter and Facebook.  I cannot comment on Facebook, sorry, but I do get an email notification every time someone comments on one of my posts.  I hope to hear from many of you, of all varying opinions.