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Representative Jim Stamas Needs To Hear From Your Charity Today!
The Legislature returns from Spring Break tomorrow, Tuesday, April 22nd.  All indications are that the SB878 will be passed by the Michigan Senate this week.  However, we have learned that the House of Representatives is still not committing to running Senator Jones’ bill in time to stop the rules from going into effect on or about May 10.

We have been working hard to focus your time and energy in just the right places at the right time.  Today and all this week, we need charities to contact Representative Jim Stamas IMMEDIATELY.  He especially needs to hear from charities located in Alcona, Alpena, Arenac, Gladwin, Iosco, Midland, Montmorency, Oscoda, Otsego and Presque Isle counties.

Representative Jim Stamas: 517-373-1791

If you are not located in this part of Michigan, please forward this email to any charities in these counties that you are affiliated with and encourage them to contact Representative Stamas to support SB878 today!  Your help with this is extremely important and very much appreciated. Remember, tell them not only to call Representative Stamas, but have the groups and individuals who benefit from their charity contact him as well.

Below is a brief analysis of Senate Bill 878 to assist you with this grassroots effort:

Analysis of SB 878 as it passed out of Senate Committee:
  • SB 878 would codify into statute rules already in existence, and further clarify concerns that have come up over the years.
  • Separates Bingo from millionaire parties by creating two articles under the act.
  •  Establishes application requirements for the charities and gives the review and approval process to the Director, also sets the fee.
  • Allows for charities to have 4 millionaire parties a year, with 4 days of gaming for each license.
  • Allows for 6 charities to have millionaire parties per location at any point in time.
  • Allows for advertisement of the event to be conducted by the charity.
  • Authorizes the locations and equipment to be used by charities in the following manner:
    • Organization owns/rents a location (permanent basis) and owns the equipment used for the games
    •  Organization(s) rents a location (just for an event) and equipment is provided for by the organization (own the equipment)
    • Organization owns/rents a location (permanent basis) and rents the equipment (just for an event) from a Charitable Gaming Service Provider (CGSP)
    • Organization rents the location (just for event) and the equipment (just for event) from a CGSP
    • Location owned, rented, leased, or operated by a CGSP.
  • Establishes duties of the charity to conduct the event, and requires a chairperson and record keeper during the whole process.
  • Allows for no more than $15,000 in chips to be issued by a charity in a day.
  • Expenses for a millionaire party cannot exceed 50%, and need to go to the lawful purpose of the charity.
  • Allows for hired security or persons of a charity to serve as security.
  • Annual licensing process and fee for Charitable Gaming Service Providers (CGSP) and stipulates services they are allowed to offer a charity, including:
    • Dealers w/ background checks
    •  Equipment.
    • Location.
  • Limits the services a CGSP can provide to those the Director approves them to offer.
  •  Requires background checks to be conducted by the Gaming Board.
  •  Requires a CGSP to maintain records.
  •  Establishes penalties for a violation of this act and outlines the steps a charity or a CGSP can take if they disagree.
  •  Suspend any rules created within the last year, and grandfather provision for supplies to be considered Charitable Gaming Service Providers. 
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