Michigan Charitable Gaming Association
Hearing Ends with No Vote
On SB878
Keep Contacting Rep. Jase Bolger!
Representative Hugh Crawford, Chair of the House Committee on Regulatory Reform heard testimony on Tuesday, May 27th but adjourned without a vote on SB878.
Immediately following, charities and room operators walked over to the Capitol Building and spoke with a number of House members about the need for a vote in before summer break.
We will continue working hard for you in coming days, pressing the House to act on SB878 before they break in mid-June.
Continue to have your charity members individually, and the people who receive the benefit of your charitable works contact Speaker of the House Jase Bolger at 517-373-1787.  There is still a chance lawmakers will do the right thing and vote immediately to protect the charities who are already fighting for the few spots remaining in 2014 due to the rules and finding their applications being denied for the first time in over 30 years.
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