Do you like the charity poker rooms?  Would you like to help keep them going?  Did you know there are bills currently in Lansing that could be detrimental to the charity rooms and force some rooms to close as a result?

The Michigan Charitable Gaming Association (MiCGA) is here to help. From their website:

“MiCGA’s purpose is to maintain the long-term stability of charitable fundraising in Michigan through legislation, collaboration, and education. We also strive to improve and streamline conditions for charities and other organizations engaged in this type of charitable fundraising.”

They are a great organization with many of the charities and poker rooms that we go to as members.  One of my charities received a letter from them recently regarding the current legislation in Lansing.  Some of it is good and some bad.  They pointed out which ones they support and which they do not as well as the reasons why. You can find this information on their Advocacy Page.

So how can we, as poker players, help?  Check out their Advocacy Page to learn more about the bills currently in Lansing and then head to the Contact your Legislator to find your legislator and contract them to tell them what you want.

One of the bills, HB 5434, limits event expenses to 25% of gross receipts which is half what the rooms are currently changing. This reduces their revenue from the charities by 50%.  While this looks good for the charities, do you know of any small business that could lose 50% of the revenues and still keep the doors open?

If the rooms close because they cannot run their business, where will the charities go?  I’m on the waiting list on 6 different rooms and can barely get a spot in any of the rooms.  We were only able to use our licenses because of cancellations this year.

Yes we as poker players, can go find games in the many casinos in Michigan, but very few of them have tournaments.  If you just count the tables in the 2 biggest rooms in the area, Snookers Poker Room in Utica and Electric Stic in Westland, they have more than all the Detroit casinos combined so where are the casinos going to put us?  Will we be forced to call ahead and still wait hours to get on the tables?  I don’t think any of us what that.

So please check out MiCGA’s website and learn more.  Educate yourselves on the bills and contact your legislator to tell them how you feel!