@Caveman921 – Dad of many, son of a couple, brother and grandfather of 1. Boy toy for my wife and table jockey (trying to be a poker pro). Google+ 


I have been playing poker for over 25 years. Mostly playing home games for the first 15 years and anywhere I can ever since. There was a short stint of online poker back in ’03-’04 mainly on Absolute Poker. Since then I have played mostly in the South East Michigan area at the local charity rooms. Tournaments are my specialty but I do play some cash when my bankroll allows it.

Additionally, I drive the semi-truck for the West Bloomfield Band Boosters charity helping all forms of bands from 6th to 12th grades in the West Bloomfield school district. We running charity poker events 4 times per year at various charity rooms in the area as well as Bingo every Friday night at Player’s Hall in Waterford.

The Serenity Club in Waterford is another charity I support. They offer a clean and sober environment for alcoholics and addicts to enjoy fellowshiping as well as AA and NA meetings 4+ times per day.