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Dealing with an Aggressive Player, aka Me

In the past, I have been chastised, at the table and off, for opening so many pots, and my continuous betting and aggression. I like to play a lot of pots. Not all of those pots get to the river. In fact, if they do, I am probably not going to win. So, why do [&hellip

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Bubble play / Electric Stick Tourney Trip Report

After spending the last week and a half at home sick and coughing up a lung, I decide it’s time to get out and play a tourney just to get out of the house a bit.  The Electric Stick really has the largest fields with the best structure since the closing of Snookers.  You start [&hellip

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The Plan.. err My Goals

  Northville Downs 1/3 PLO 4pm on Sundays! At 4 pm on Sunday’s, Northville Downs will have a 1/3 PLO game with a $300 max buy-in.  I will be there this week (probably around 5 pm  so come get you some Caveman Cash and free burgers!  This Sunday, February 17th, 2013 Proceeds benefit the General Fund of Wayne Chamber [&hellip

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The Power of Table Image

What does a ‘Table Image’ do for you?  Well for me, its gets people to call my 5 bet pre-flop shove of 150BBs with AA during the second level of a tournament with 99 or flopping the nut flush and getting called by top pair, top kick when I 4 bet shove $250 during a [&hellip

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Angle shooters and hand/action protection

Let me put this out there first: if you need to shoot angles during a $30 tournament in order to win, you are a pathetic piece of shit.  Last night, there were 3 incidents in the first hour of play.  If you follow me on twitter @caveman921 you know where I was playing. Definition of Angle [&hellip

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Detroit Tournament Evaluation

Have you ever wanted to know how different tournaments stacked up with one another?  Which one requires more skill or gives you more room to make plays?  Well today we are going to use a spreadsheet designed by Arnold Snyder, author of The Poker Tournament Formula.  His website along with the a link to download [&hellip

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