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Selling a bit to this weekends $300

Hi there. Just trying to sell a little bit off for this $300 at Soaring Eagle this weekend. Caveman and I are going up there to play on Saturday morning (along with at least 2 other 2+2ers that I know of). I am looking to sell 20-50% at face value. I have a few results [&hellip

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Interactive Hand

Hello again… Today I am actually asking for YOUR opinion on a hand that was played. I have sent it to a few players that you might recognize from the circuit, as well as a few people from 2+2. However, I am interested in your opinion this time! Here is the scenario and the write-up… [&hellip

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The Nitro77 Breakdown

For those of you that do not read the 2+2 Regional Communities Detroit Thread, I have decided that I was going to take some Hand Histories and analysis from another player within the thread.  I am going to examine them, identify the leaks in the play and flaws in the theory, and suggest a different [&hellip

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Taking a Break and Prop Bet Fun

Poker is a wicked game. I am not going to sit here and say that it is a sport. I feel, obviously, that the game is more mental than physical, therefore it is more of a game than a sport. Anyway, I am not interested in arguing over definitions or anything of such. I am [&hellip

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MI Poker Monster

Hi there, short post for the first time ever. In the coming days I will be doing an interview with the famous Michigan Poker Monster podcast, which can be found here: We will talk about how I got started in poker, ‘going pro’ and how it affects people my age, my writing style, and [&hellip

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Aggressive Players

I like raising. In all honesty, it’s just plain fun opening with J7 and seeing people bewildered when you show down a hand like that. Beyond it just being fun, it becomes A LOT more difficult to put me on a hand. I could have AA or 45 or K3, or anything in between. Therefore, [&hellip

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