From the Michigan Charitable Gaming Association – Please help them out!  They are the ones helping to keep charity poker alive!

We need to grab the attention of the Michigan Legislature, before we lose charitable gaming forever. House Bill 4960, the bill that can establish the rules we need, is languishing in committee. It will stay there unless we make the NOISE necessary to have our issue heard! 

This is what you need to do:


Call State Rep. Hugh Crawford at 517-373-0827!  Representative Crawford is in charge of the committee that will move this issue forward. It is imperative he hear from your charity.


Call your Senator and member of the House of Representatives TODAY!  Information about how to  can be found at these links:






Call The Governor!  The Governor can be reached at the following:

PO Box 30013

Lansing, MI 48909

(517) 335-7858


Our online petition is available at


Please do all you can.  This is no longer a question of policy-thanks to the Michigan Gaming Control Board, it’s a question of survival.


Tony Macksoud

President, MiCGA