Monthly Archive:: January 2014

MI Poker Monster

Hi there, short post for the first time ever. In the coming days I will be doing an interview with the famous Michigan Poker Monster podcast, which can be found here: We will talk about how I got started in poker, ‘going pro’ and how it affects people my age, my writing style, and [&hellip

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First Tourney of the Year – Firekeepers $240

This past Sunday, IDKMyBFFJill and I drove out to Firekeepers Casino in Battle Creek to play the now semi-monthly $240.  We met up with Frank Panama from the Michigan Poker Monster Podcast as well as buggits30, n1ghtmare and boutrous11 from the 2+2 Detroit thread.  After a quick brunch at Smoke & Fire in the hotel [&hellip

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Aggressive Players

I like raising. In all honesty, it’s just plain fun opening with J7 and seeing people bewildered when you show down a hand like that. Beyond it just being fun, it becomes A LOT more difficult to put me on a hand. I could have AA or 45 or K3, or anything in between. Therefore, [&hellip

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Website Cleanup – Registered Users

Just a quick update.  If you were a registered user of this website and had either a random looking name, random looking email address, or a foreign email address referencing some porn site, your ID was deleted. I have set up reCAPTCHA for registration and comment forms due to receiving over a hundred spam looking [&hellip

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