Monthly Archive:: March 2013

Tournament Ruling – You Be the Floorperson

Lets say you are the floor person of a small poker room.  You are charged with keeping the tournament running smoothly and enforcing the rules.  Your poker room has the following rule: Players exposing their cards when there is more than 2 people in the hand and action pending will have their hand killed. While I [&hellip

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Bubble play / Electric Stick Tourney Trip Report

After spending the last week and a half at home sick and coughing up a lung, I decide it’s time to get out and play a tourney just to get out of the house a bit.  The Electric Stick really has the largest fields with the best structure since the closing of Snookers.  You start [&hellip

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Few changes on the back end

Just a quick FYI:  Made some changes to the back-end of the website to try to keep spammers from registering.  If you have any issues with the site, please email me at caveman at detpokerz dot com. This will be an ongoing process. As the site gets more hits per month, the more chance to [&hellip

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Snyder wants New Taxes / Fees for Millionaire Parties

The Michigan Charitable Gaming Association (MCGA) has updated their Advocacy section of their website with the following: MiCGA has been invited to participate in discussions with Governor Snyder’s Office concerning new fees and/or taxes that the Governor has proposed imposing on the charitable gaming community.  The Governor’s Office has attempted to justify the increased fees or [&hellip

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MGCB Not Happy with Snookers –

Today, the Michigan Gaming Control Board had their monthly meeting to discuss various happenings at the MGM, Motor City and Greektown casinos.  After listening to various reports from Richard Kalm, talks of $25,000 in fines for Motor City Casino and Greektown’s refinance issues with potential change of ownership, we get to the public comment portion [&hellip

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Snookers Poker Room Hoping for Answers Tomorrow –

Tomorrow is the monthly meeting of the Michigan Gaming Control Board and Snooker’s Poker Room is hoping to get answers on if and when they could reopen.  Today, Snooker’s sent another email reminding their charities of tomorrow’s meeting.  Here is the contents: Dear Charity Organizations: Don’t forget about the meeting tomorrow.  We appreciate as many [&hellip

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