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Charity Rooms, the MGCB and you!

There has been a lot of discussions on 2+2 Forums regarding the closing of rooms and the moratorium on new charity licenses.  The moratorium states that no more supplier or location licenses (those are needed by the room to allow charities to get Millionaire Party Licenses to run the poker events) will be issued until [&hellip

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Dear Don,

Attention:  These are not the views of  These are my views and my views alone.  DETPokerz is merely acting as a venue for my thoughts and opinions. All of the information in this article/blog is tentative and has not been proven as of time of writing. Inside the text is the list of assumptions [&hellip

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IDK Goes on a Rant

Upon hearing the news that Snookers is closed due to them not being able to follow the rules and supply legal gaming to their large customer base, I have decided to write a little something about gamblers in general. I have met a fair number of the people that are reading this, whether you know [&hellip

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